What Is DDLG? A Guide

What Is DDLG?

DDLG stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl. This type of relationship is one in which “the dominant” acts as the caregiver and is usually referred to as the daddy while the submissive displays childlike behavior with their partner.

The term DDLG may be misleading for some, but bear in mind that it has nothing to do with pedophilia. In fact, as with most kinks, this requires an open, honest and respectful relationship between its participants.

In preparing for your DDLG relationship, you’ll need a few things:

1. A Partner!

You need a consensual partner that will embark on this relationship with you. This should be someone that you trust fully, and that has a clear understanding of your expectations. Communication will be extremely important as you try to fulfill each other’s needs. Talk with your partner about likes, dislikes, ask them questions or even suggest a new element! Experiment and have fun!

2. Some equipment

There’s no shame in introducing some props into the bedroom. In fact, it’s welcome, especially in this sort of relationship. Play with costuming – a simple tee shirt saying ‘Daddy’s little girl’, or even a onesie can go a far way. Think about what will be used to enforce punishment. A whip? Handcuffs? Chains? A onesie? Step it up even further with your buttplugs.

These are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to leave partners’ hands free while stimulation occurs. They come in various shapes, sizes and materials. It is important though, to ensure a few safety guidelines are followed before you start using buttplugs.

jewel butt plug for DDLG

In general, your buttplug should have a teardrop shape with a bulb, neck and a flared base. In terms of materials, you want to ensure something body safe, meaning non-toxic and won’t be harmful whether used internally or externally. Sizing can be determined based on your experience level with lengths ranging from 4” to 6” and girth from 1” to 1.5”.

3. Your Role

Time to choose sides. Are you the caregiver or the little? For most kinks, their role comes naturally and feels instinctive. Though these roles usually have some general characteristics, you can definitely add your own touch. The Daddy has a protective instinct and is committed to nurturing their little. They can achieve this through a strict approach which may involve spanking or other forms of punishment when a little acts out of line.

Of course this is not mandatory and each Daddy will deal with issues differently. It all depends on the connection between the partners and power dynamics. The Little generally is childlike, require attention, support and protection from their Daddy. In this sort of dynamic, each partner receives pleasure, satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment from their roles.

ddlg terminology

Now you can choose whether DDLG is for you. Be sure to discuss with our partner, even if you may be a little shy in the beginning. Go forth, own your kinks and take your pleasure into your own hands. There isn’t any harm in exploring your little-known wild and sensual side.