Hello everyone, my name is Page O Donell and I’m 36 years old. Leading a healthier life has become a lifestyle for me. I have always been interested in everything related to nutrition. Since I was little I started to watch TV shows and read books about healthy food, which I began to put into practice when I was 16 years old.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not only about meals, but it’s also about exercises, walking, or anything that keeps you active. Each person has different metabolisms and bodies, and we must love ourselves as we are. However, we must also learn to take care of ourselves, in order to avoid any kind of chronic illnesses.

Also, a healthy lifestyle is not only what we eat or how much exercise we do. It’s also about knowing how to handle some types of emotions we experience and not letting them affect us in a bad way. Hatred and resentment can be dangerous. They can even cause diseases that we never thought of having.

Nutrition and personal relationships (with your boss, your family, or your partner) have always been issues that I love, so I tried to specialize in them. For that reason, I’m so happy to be able to run this blog and share any kind of knowledge and advice through it for anyone interested in having a better lifestyle both physically and mentally.